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Discourses on Contemporary Indian English Poets (Edited Book)ts

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K. V. Dominic’s (ed) Discourses on Contemporary Indian English Poets. New Delhi: GNOSIS, 2010. HB. Pp. x+221. Rs. 600. ISBN 978-81-89012-82-7.



Editor’s Preface

Indian English Poetry after 1960: Some Reflections

-P C K Prem

Nissim Ezekiel: The Father of Modernity in Indian English Poetry

-K. V. Dominic

Culturally Speaking: Nissim Ezekiel

-Dhishna P

Swallows Fly Tame: Kamala Das’s Journey to ‘Womanhood’

-Hyacinth Pink

Feminism and Kamala Das

-Shubha Mukherjee

Jayanta Mahapatra: A True Bard to His Roots

-Satendra Kumar

“The Still Sad Music of [Indianity]”: Pluralist Identity and Socio-cultural Non Specificity in Jayanta Mahapatra’s Random Descent

-S. K. Prathap

Syed Ameeruddin’s Poetry in Quest of the Beyond

-Aju Mukhopadhyay

Vision and Verve: Syed Ameeruddin’s Visioned Summits and Visions of Deliverance

-Masoodul Hassan

The Paradigm of Paradox: A Study of Shiv K. Kumar’s Losing My Way

-D. C. Chambial

Erotic Consciousness in the Poetry of Shiv K. Kumar and R. K. Singh: A Comparative Study

-Jindagi Kumari & Rajni Singh

“Mother’s Lap” by IK Sharma: A Study in Text

-D. C. Chambial

Towards Maturation and Crystallization: A Study of D. C. Chambial’s Poetry

-V.V.B Rama Rao

Odyssey of Time in the Poetry of Pronab Kumar Majumder

-P. V. Laxmi Prasad

Portrait of an Artist as a Poet: Grasping the Grammar of Dilip Chitre As is Where is

Hemang A. Desai

Philosophical Flavour in Manas Bakshi’s  The Midnight Star

-P. V. Laxmi Prasad

Aju Mukhopadhyay’s Poetry: Spectra of Nature, Beauty and Spirituality

-Shujaat Hussain

Universality of Hazara Singh’s Poems

-S. Kumaran

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