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The Poetic Art of T. V. Reddy: New Perspectives

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The Poetic Art of    T. V. Reddy: New Perspectives


Edited by   K. V. Dominic


  1. The Poetic Art of T V Reddy: ‘Regional Poet par excellence’


–Dr. P. Suneetha


  1. Veils Unveiled: T. V. Reddy’s Golden Veil: A Collection of Poems

 Prof. C. R. Visweswar Rao

  1. Past and Present: The Poetry of T. Vasudeva Reddy

–Mick Thebes

  1. Prototypal Quest and Ultimate Futility: Poetry of T. V. Reddy

–P. C. K. Prem

  1. T. V. Reddy’s When Grief Rains: A Poetic Journey from Dystopia to Utopia

–Prof.   Ramesh Chandra  Mukhopadhyay

  1. Social Consciousness: Hallmark of T. V. Reddy’s Poetry

–Dr.  O. P. Arora

  1. T. Vasudeva Reddy’s Sonnets: A Study in Themes and Techniques

–Dr. D. C. Chambial

  1. A Thematic Study of T. V. Reddy’s Gliding Ripples

–Prof. S. Radhamani Sarma.

  1. The Poetic Talent of T. Vasudeva Reddy: A Critique

–Prof. Pasupati Jha

  1. Vasudeva Reddy: A Poet of Heightened Sensibility

–Dr. Manas Bakshi

  1. T. V. Reddy’s Poetry: A Critical Evaluation

–S. L. Peeran

  1. Thrust and Trend in Vasudeva Reddy’s Poetry

–Aju Mukhopadhyay

  1. T. V. Reddy’s Quest for Peace: A Critical Perspective

–Dr. M. Thirumeni

  1. Seeing Beyond the Ubiquitous: A Critical Scanning of T. Vasudeva Reddy’s Poetic Vision

–Prof. Kavita Gopalakrishnan

  1. Dynamics of Romanticism in T. V. Reddy’s Poetry

–Dr. B. K. Dubey

  1. T. V. Reddy as a Poet & More

–Prof. H. S. Bhatia

  1. Nature, Social Criticism and Philosophy in T. V. Reddy’s Haiku

–Dr. K. V. Raghupathi

  1. Exploring Social Ethics in T. V. Reddy’s Thousand Haiku Pearls

–Dr. S. Kumaran

  1. T. V. Reddy’s Poetry: A Journey in Quest of Reform with a Special Reference to Thousand Haiku Pearls

–Prof. K. Rajamouly

  1. T. V. Reddy’s Golden Veil: Reflections on Pensive Senescence

–Prof. V. V. B. Rama Rao

  1. Echoes of Ethics in Dr. T. V. Reddy’s Echoes

–Dr. K. Rajani

  1. T. V. Reddy’s Quest for Peace: A Minor Social Epic: An Eco-Critical Reading

–Dr. S. Barathi

  1. A Critical Analysis of T. V. Reddy’s Quest for Peace and Golden Veil

Dr. S. Padma Priya

  1. Reflections on Societal Proclivity T. V. Reddy’s Gliding Ripples

–Dr. R. Venkata Ramana

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