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Review Of “Andhra Keats” S. V. Rama Rao’s Poem on K. V. Dominic

“Andhra Keats” S. V. Rama Rao’s Poem on K. V. Dominic

Dr. K. V. Dominic–A Born Poet

                 “Andhra Keats” S. V. Rama Rao


Kannappilly the treasure house of knowledge

Attracts laureates from all over the Universe  

Notably for the multifaceted outstanding talents

Nobly exhibited by Dominic in his literary works

Appreciably acknowledged by umpteen laureates

Poets, readers, intellectuals and editors of journals

Praising his literary works on contemporary topics

Indian English is his favourite medium to communicate

Lots of thoughts and ideas that from his mind emanate

Like Kali Das the famous primitive Sanskrit bard

Yeoman services for promotion of literature he did


Varghese- noble father–had earned name and fame

Accredited by his son Dominic’s lifetime achievements;

Remarkable for his perseverance grit and determination

Generally not found in any other person of his profession;

Holy Christ holds Dominic as devoted Christian scion

Even Bharat Mata is proud of his Secular convictions;

Sober, sincere, sophisticated, religious and serious thinker

Excellent friend like Dominic I found rarely so far ever;


Dr. Dominic born to noble parents Rosamma and Varghese 

Owns immense wealth in the shelves of many libraries;

Many poems of kyriolexy and love for all creations well crafted

In two Poetry anthologies Winged Reason & Write Son, Write

Neatly expressing his thoughts imbuing the readers, writers

Intellectuals, students, and poets to accomplish literary traits

Congenial to the interests of the reader’s community

                                         ***   ***   ***.

“Andhra Keats” S. V. Rama Rao, M.A.LL.B OPS(I) Retd,

Distinguished Member International Society of Poets (USA)

#Agraharam Street, PO Chatrapur 761020, District Ganjam, Odisha.

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