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Selected Short Stories in Contemporary Indo-Anglian Literature (Edited Book)

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K. V. Dominic’s (ed.) Selected Short Stories in Contemporary Indo-Anglian Literature. New Delhi: Sarup Book Publishers, 2009. ISBN-978-81-7625-922-4. Hard Bound. Size-Demy. Pp. xviii+139+Index. Rs. 500.



 P. Raja                                   —          The Wart

Chandrashekhar Sastry         —          “XX”

Drubah Singh                          —          “Catapult”

D C Chambial                        —          “It’ll Rain Tomorrow

Meena Kandasamy                —          “Casual Contact”

Jayanti M Dalal                      —          “Tornado Strikes Twice”

Jaydeep Sarangi                     —          “Call from the Thatched Roof” 

Aju Mukhopadhyay               —          “The Moments of Life”

Chand Raj M K                      —          “That Kind of a Place

S P Dhanavel                          —          “The Fun Gun”

Anand Mahajan                      —          “A Third View

Sunil Sharma                          —          “Beware! Migrants Are Coming!”

O P Dwivedi                            —          “A Lesson to Errant Son”

Jaya Lakshmi Rao V             —          “The Right Mental Attitude: A Source of Pleasure”

Rohini Muthuswami               —          “Lakshmi”

Shyamal Banerjee                  —          “Search for an Unknown Good Samaritan”

Babitha Marina Justin           —          A Yuppie Diary: One Night at Godavari Hostel

Farzana Quader                     —          “Her Story”

Debjani Chatterjee                 —          “Two-faced

Prasenjit Das                          —          “In Search”

K V Dominic                           —          “The Twins”

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