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Stepehen Gill’s Poetry: A Panorama of World Peace (Edited Book)

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K. V. Dominic’s (ed) Stephen Gill’s Poetry: A Panorama of World Peace. New Delhi: GNOSIS, 2010. HB. Pp. xi+163. Rs. 475. ISBN 978-81-89012-83-5.


Editor’s Preface

Stephen Gill—the Bard of World Peace: A New Historicist Analysis of his Poetic Musings

–K. V. Dominic

Stephen Gill’s The Flame: An Appraisal

–D. C. Chambial

Stephen Gill and  Peace

–A. K. Choudhary

Remembering Partition: Faces in Stephen Gill’s Prefaces

–Sudhir K. Arora

The Forlorn Face of Women in Stephen Gill’s Shrine

–R. Aanandam and G. Baskaran

“The Capital of the Media” in Stephen Gill’s The Flame

–G. Dominic Savio and S. J. Kala

Interview with Dr. Stephen Gill

–Anuradha Sharma

Stephen Gill: The Messiah in a War-Torn World

–Ladha Nandakumar

Ravan and the Maniac Messiahs: A Comparative Study of Tulsi Das Goswami’s

Ramcharit Manas and Stephen Gill’s The Flame

–Anuradha Sharma

Stephen Gill’s Flaming Pursuit

–Shubha Mukherjee

The Destructive Power of War and the Humanistic Vision in Stephen Gill’s The Flame

–S. Kumaran

Stephen Gill the Bard of Peace

–Aju Mukhopahyay   

Vision and Commitment in the Poetry of Stephen Gill

–Shujaat Hussain

The Flame: A Poetics of Peace in the Era of Terrorism

–Joji John Panicker & Ancy Elezabath John


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