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Critical Evaluation of Contemporary Indian Poetry in English (Edited Book)

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Critical Evaluation of Contemporary Indian Poetry in English


K. V. Dominic


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English Poetry in India and its Future

—P C K Prem

Deep Ecology in Poetic Imagery: A Study of the Poems of Rabindranath Tagore

–Celine E.

Kamala Das: The Female Prometheus:  Voleuses de langue (One of the   Thieves   of Language)

—Latha Nair

Spiritual Ideologies in Sri Aurobindo’s Shorter Poems

—K. Mangayarkarasi

 Realism in A. K. Ramanujan’s Select Poems

—K. K. Sunalini

Rural Scenes and Characters in T. V. Reddy’s Poetry

—K. V. Raghupathy

Patriotic Elements in Hazara Singh’s Destination

–Anne Dominic

Enigmas  of Life in P C K Prem’s Enigmas  of An Identity

–P. V. Laxmi Prasad

A Panoramic Study of Peace in Pronab Kumar Majumder’s Passage to Peace

–P. V. Laxmi Prasad

Divinity in Nature is the potent Theme: Poems of Aju Mukhopadhyay

–Bhavana Srivastava

Crisis of Values: A Critical Study of Manas Bakshi’s Man of the Seventh Hour

–K. V. Raghupathy

A Note on Social Criticism in Asha Vishwas’s Poetry

–K. V. Raghupathy

Reflection of Culture and Society in the Poetry of R. K. Singh and P. Raja

—Jayshree Goswami & Md. Mojibur Rehman

Philosophy of Life in K.V. Raghupathi’s Desert Blooms

–P. V. Laxmi Prasad

Eco-Critical Reading of K. V. Raghupathi’s Samarpana

—R. Venkataramana

D. H. Kabadi’s Poetry: The Dynamics of Innovation

 –T. V. Reddy

Mythopoeic Vision in D. C. Chambial’s Poetry: A Critical Study

–Tribhuwan Kumar

Full Flowering of Faith: A Study of Usha Akella’s Poetic Vision Phase II

–V. V. B. Rama Rao

English Poetry from Himachal in Contemporary Context

–P C K Prem

Poetic Pigment of A. K. Choudhary

–Ajay Prasad Singh

Eco-consciousness in K. V. Dominic’s Write Son, Write

—S. Kumaran

Reason, Realism, Sensibility and Sensitivity on the Wings of the Cuckoo: An Analysis of

K. V. Dominic’s Winged Reason

–Kavitha Gopalakrishnan

Nature, Nocuous neglect, Corrigenda and Concern: K. V. Dominic’s poems animadverting the apathy and animosity of mankind

–Kavitha Gopalakrishnan

Philosophical Portrayal of Life in Rajkamal  Shiromani’s You and My Haiku

–T. Venkata Ramana

Debunking  Anthropocentrism: An Eco-critical Reading of Gieve Patel’s    Poetry with Special Reference to “On Killing a Tree”

—Sheethal S. Nair

The Subaltern Voice: Meena Kandasamy’s Touch as an Articulation of the Marginalized and Silenced Voice of the Dalits

—Joji John Panicker

Love and Friendship in Shekar Manickam’s On the Wings of Love

 —Fr. Varghese Paul, SJ

 Moments and Moments: A Critical Study of N. S. Dharan’s Poems

—S. Ambika

Search for Astral Freedom and Self-realization: An Ecotheological Study of Paramhansa Yogananda’s Poetry

–Sibasis Jana

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