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Sarojini Sahoo’s Feminine Reflections (Edited Book)

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  1. Dr. Sarojini Sahoo: Life and Works




  1. Sarojini Sahoo: A Reading from Sri Lanka

                                      –Daya Dissanayake

  1. Deferring the Dichotomy of Body and Mind: A Critical Evaluation of Sarojini Sahoo’s FeministViews

                                    –Prameela K. P.

       4.  Cyber Love beyond the Boundary: A Mirage  in Sarojini Sahoo’s The Dark Abode

                                          –Dalvir Singh Gahlawat

        5. Woman was free in nature, but everywhere she is in chains: A Critical Examination of  Sarojini Sahoo’s Short Stories and Blogs

                                                –C. P. Aboobaker      

       6. Goddess in Exile: Family, Marriage and Human Rights

                                        –Marie Josephine Aruna

     7.    Feministic Desire for Absolute in Sarojini Sahoo’s The Dark Abode

                                           –Nirmal Sharma

      8.   Sarojini Sahoo’s Goddess in Exile: A Sad Tale of Female Existentialism

                                            –Sangeeta Singh

9.      Men will be Men Forever: A Critical Study of Sarojini Sahoo’s The Dark Abode

                                               –Sanchita Choudhury & Sagarika Dash

10.     Sarojini Sahoo’s The Dark Abode: A Review from Bangladesh

                                                —Selina Hossain


11.     C P Aboobacker’s Interview with Sarojini Sahoo

12.     Arvind Nawale’s Interacting with Sarojini Sahoo

13.     Nabanita Dhar’s Interview with Sarojini Sahoo

14.     Sangeeta Singh’s Interview with Sarojini Sahoo

15.     Jaydeep Sarangi’s Interview with Sarojini Sahoo

16.     Linda Lowen’s Interview with Sarojini Sahoo

17.     Prameela K. P.’s Interview with Sarojini Sahoo

18.    Philip Pratx’s Interview with Sarojini Sahoo

19.    List of Contributors

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